Truly talent-centered HR is now more possible than ever.

Equip every employee with an AI helper to answer HR questions and build plans for the future using your documents, data, and analysis. From onboarding to retirement, talent can resolve issues as well as discover ways to grow. Managers can use the same tools to identify high-potential talent for projects, future skill gaps, and workforce risks.

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How does it work?

  1. Link data
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Explore an interactive answer

A New Employee Experience | HR Powered. Talent Led.

With new AI like ChatGPT, questions that previously required expert analysis or hours to research are instantly available. No matter which platforms you use, or if you just have a database of PDF policies, we can help you offer a self-service experience for your staff.

What do you get?

  • Question: Just ask a question in your own words. We’ll sort the rest.
  • Answer: Our models build bespoke results based on your needs and use cases.
  • Inspector: Unlike a static doc you can browse, drill down, or filter for relevance.
  • Signals: We’ve pointed out risks, outliers, and important details to follow up on.
  • Suggested Questions: Expand or specify your inquiry with related questions.
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What can you ask?

Want to find high-value roles for M&A integration or talent development? Perhaps you’d like to test skill capacity against new strategic goals? Just ask.
Common questions by
role /
Do I have enough people to meet capacity for next year?
Do I have qualified people for our pipeline of projects?
Are our best people assigned to the most valuable work?
Which people generate the most revenue?
What are the biggest workforce risks to reaching 3 yr targets?
Which roles are most valuable for the next 3 yrs?
How do we best allocate retention incentives?
Which talent investments will most increase or probability of success?
What skills gaps are we going to have in the next 3 years?
Which roles have the greatest succession risk?
Which roles have the greatest potential for AI augmentation?
Which roles are get the most investment, and which get the list?
Who are the most qualified talent for a [x] role?
When is employee engagement highest and lowest?
Do any HR policies conflict with each other?
What are our greatest workforce risks?
How many vacation days will I get next year?
What’s the process of getting a promtion for my position?
With my current skills, which promotion am I closest to getting?
What training or assignments will help me get role [x]?
ReorganizationTransformationGrowthStrategyM&A Integration
Which people would benefit from (re)assignment?
What skills gaps will we have next year?
What roles are best placed to train for a promotion into [x] role?
What should our job families be if we grouped by skill?
What future roles are most valuable?
Are our best people working in our most valuable roles?
How can we optimize our workforce utilisation and productivity?
Which roles are most likely to go away as we digitize?
Do we have capacity to meet our objectives?
What are our most critical workforce needs in the future?
Which jobs have the best opportunity for training investment?
Do we have a skill gap risk based on industry trends?
Which skills need to be hired vs trained?
What work could be most easily automated?
What is the marginal return of one dollar invested in workforce?
Can we optimize role and project assignments?
How do we allocate retention incentives?
Which acquired employees have the most potential for the parent co?
Who should we retain, reassign, or retrain for future plans?
Where can individual talent goals better align with business goals?

Why Disco?

Brave was founded to unleash self-determination for workers. To do that we want to equip HR and their workforce with self-service tools for knowledge and insight. Our product, Disco, is an AI that can answer any question about HR or the workforce. We started with unstructured knowledge bases and analytics, like HR policies and succession plans, and expanded to ATS and HRIS platforms. The same could be done for your company’s knowledge, ERP, or any other information. Get in touch to try it for free.